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2022/2023 Girls Practice Schedule

The Girls will have Team Practice 2x a week on Tuesday and Thursdays and Performance/Strength Training on Friday's.

Tuesday & Thursday's: 5:30pm - 7:30 pm (time could be subject to change)

Friday's: 6:00pm - 7:30pm 

Pre-Season Practices will start on TUESDAY, AUGUST 16.

 If you're athlete is NOT in High School or if your athletes DOES NOT make their High School team their season runs consistently from

TUESDAY AUGUST 16 through the END of JUNE (if team attends AAU National's. If not, they will end MAY. 

Pre-Season Training will run from Tuesday, August 16 - Tuesday, November 1.

Club Season for our girls' teams will be in full swing starting November 1 - Mid May or End of June.

(Again, depending on if your athletes team attends AAU National's in June)



Girl's High School Athletes who make their High School teams in the Fall will break from club practices

from August - November while in their school season, and return practicing on Tuesday, November 1. 

If any athletes season ends earlier, then the predicted clock the athlete is to CONTACT THEIR COACH and return to their NEXT SUNS TEAM PRACTICE. 


(ALL ATHLETES MUST attend our MANDATORY Commitment Day/Parent meeting date TBA!)



(will run 45 minutes - 1 hour but we will try our best to be as quick as possible!)

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