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Boys Indoor Fees

Boys Season Fees 2015-2016

Tryout Fee


Fee will be applied to your season fees if you choose to commit to FSVBC

Registration Fee


To include:2 practice shirts, 2 custom jerseys, 2 custom shorts, embroidered backpack, embroidered duffle bag, and embroidered jacket.

Monthly Fee (15 & Older)*


September 2015 - June 2016

Monthly Fee (14 & Under)*


September 2015 - June 2016

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Boys 2015-2016


*Monthly fees include: monthly practices and the following tournaments


  •           11/21 - 11/22   Longwood Tourney

  •           12/5 - 12/6       OG Tourney, Orlando

  •           1/9 - 1/10        Daytona 100

  •           1/30 - 1/30      Florida Fest, Fort Lauderdale

  •           5/21 - 5/22      Longwood Tourney

  •           June TBA         Boys Regional, Fort Lauderdale

  •           June TBA         AAU Nationals, Orlando


***Monthly fees do NOT include travel to and from tournaments, player accomadations and player meals

Boys 2015-2016


Refund Policy

Tuition and any fees paid to FSVBC are non-refundable.  There are no credits or refunds for athletes who are unable to attend tournaments or practices.  If an athlete decides to leave FSVBC prior to the end of a season, you must notify in writing the club director and club administrator.  This notification does not relieve the athlete or their family of their financial responsibility and any and all outstanding tuition may be due in full.  FSVBC will not release any athlete for any reason unless their account(s) are current. 

If an athlete does not pay their tuition, they will not be allowed to participate in practices or tournaments until their tuition has been paid in full.  If tuition has not been paid in full for one season, the athlete will not be allowed to participate in the following season.  

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