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College Recruiting


Contact Samantha for all of your recruiting needs at, or call 954-989-3684.


Enhance your skills...

Are you looking to get better at hitting or setting? You may want to consider our setters and hitters clinics. Our coaches focus on these particular positions during these limited availability clinics. 


Do you need individual attention to focus on assessing your game and getting the immediate feedback you need to improve? Our private lessons will take your game to the next level.

The team game...

You are placed in a team based on your age and skill level. We have girls and boys programs. We also have "The Academy" where we introduce young hopefuls to the game of volleyball.


At every level, you learn the skills you need to grow and excel at the exciting and fast-paced indoor game. Learn your role on the court and how to work with your teammates.


Our indoor programs will travel locally, regionally or abroad based on team skill and expectations.

Tryout Training...

Are you looking to tryout for a team? If you are looking to participate in middle or high school volleyball or are looking to be picked at a higher team level for the club season, then participate in our tryout training programs.


These programs are specifically tailored to get you ready for your upcoming volleyball tryouts. Learn from our coaches what their peers will be looking for when making their evaluations and how to bring out the best in your game. Our coaches will prepare you for your next tryout.


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