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USAV mandates that all athletes complete online refing courses.  Florida Suns REQUIRES athletes to complete and pass ALL FOUR of the courses and they are:


  • Florida Junior Qualified Scorer

  • Florida Junior Qualified Second Referee

  • Florida Junior Line Judge

  • Florida Junior Libero Tracker


HOWEVER, remember that there is a pre-quiz in the junior modules that will allow experienced players to "test out" of the online clinic if they display sufficient knowledge of the subject.  They would be required to register for the course, complete the pre-quiz with a score of 90% or higher, and watch a one-slide summary of current season points of emphasis.  If they did NOT achieve a score of 90%, they will be required to complete the training module and pass a quiz at the end.


Using the link below, please READ CAREFULLY how to register and complete the courses.  The instructions are very explicit if you take your time to read through them you should have no issues.




Please do NOT contact Florida Suns staff or coaches as these courses come from the National office and we are only responsible for providing the information to our club members.  Should you have any questions regarding how the courses work, problems registering, problems finishing, etc please use this link for help.




All athletes must have their 4 courses completed no later than December 29, 2015.  Any athlete failiing to do so will not be eligible to compete in the first tournament.






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